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Richmond wrote:

>> That's what I was saying too. And apparently the RR team agrees 
>> because they specify which software bits are required for 
>> compatibility. They do focus more on Ubuntu because that's the most 
>> popular distro.
> Well, that's jolly good to hear. But can you point me to where "hey 
> specify which software bits are required for compatibility." because I, 
> for one, don't know exactly where that is?

Um. The User Guide. It's a good place to check for stuff like that:

1.3.3 Requirements for Linux Systems
The minimal requirements for Revolution to run are:

• Linux kernel 2.4 and above
• glibc 2.2.4 and above
• X11R5 and above

Although impossible to test every existing Linux distribution, we are 
aiming to ensure that Revolution runs on as wide a variety of systems as 
possible. To achieve this, the engine has been implemented to have 
minimal direct dependencies on system software, and will gracefully 
degrade in feature set if it cannot find the libraries it needs. 
Generally any recent linux distribution including Gnome/GTK support will 
have the required libraries for full feature support – for example, 
Ubuntu 7 supports all these features (although alpha blended window 
shape support requires you to be running with 'Advance Desktop Effects' 
turned on).

The following features have specific dependencies:

Feature Requires
Alpha-blended window shapes A 'composited' window
manager (e.g. 'Advance Desktop
Effects' turned on in Ubuntu 7)
Complex Unicode scripts Pango
Text rendering using anti-aliased TrueType fonts Xft
Native file open and save dialogs GTK
Native print and page setup dialogs GTK
Video playback mplayer
Audio playback esd

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