RunRev Script Editor and Linux

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Wed Jul 14 14:34:49 EDT 2010

Here is how it should work.  Fire up Open Office.  Now open the help screen. 
You now have an open document window and the help window on the same
desktop.  Now click in the very top left part of the help screen.  Or you
may have to right click it, I forget exactly how Gnome does it.  You should
be offered a choice to move it to a different desktop.  So pick one and put
it there.

Now you have the help open in one desktop and the document open in another,
and you move from one desktop to another, and have all the space available
on each for the windows you are using on them.  You should also be able to
drag the application windows from one desktop to another by using the little
icons on them, in the control panel.  Again, not sure if you have those
little windows in your control panel on Ubuntu by default; if not, add them
from the Gnome selection by right clicking on the panel and then adding the
virtual desktop display applet.

Now do the same thing with Rev.  Open up a couple of windows, the dictionary
would be a good one, then move the dictionary to a different desktop.  Or
move, for instance, the editor to a different desktop.  Now do something. 
Type into the editor, for instance, or look something up in the dictionary,
or add a new object to your stack.

You'll find that all the windows instantly return to one desktop.

Open Office on the other hand will allow you to keep whichever windows you
want on whichever desktop you want, and that is how it should work.
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