RunRev Script Editor and Linux

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Jul 14 05:37:46 EDT 2010

On 07/13/2010 11:38 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Richmond wrote:
>> I have had no difficulty copy-pasting between scripts when I COULD 
>> select text; and I have
>> now isolated the incidence when one CANNOT copy text from the Script 
>> editor (or at
>> least one incidence):
>> When Mozilla ThunderBird (my e-mail client) is running prior and 
>> during launching of RunRev
>> I am unable to select text in the script editor; therefore unable to 
>> paste it anywhere.
> That seems really bizarre. The script editor is just a field. Can you 
> select text in other fields in your stack when Thunderbird is running?
> At least we're narrowing down the issue.

I think the 'issue' was narrowed down quite some time ago:

RunRev does not behave properly in Linux in very many ways.

SO: either;

1. The thing that is best left unsaid.

2. Hire a Linux expert to "hold the hand" of their developer while they 
sort out all
     of these problems with the Linux version molto pronto. A Linux 
expert would be
     able to explain all the things about how Linux works that a lot of 
people all too
     obviously don't understand; rather like my hiring a car mechanic to 
tell me what
     is wrong with my car; then, and only then, can I attempt to sort it 
out. While I may
     understand how to repair a 1950 Fordson tractor (well, I did in 
1986), but that
     isn't reaally very useful when faced with a modern Toyota.

I think this is what is called "A watershed moment".

I have benefited greatly over the years from the RunRev 2.2.1 version 
that was
released via Novell as a free application; I have made well over 50 EFL 
apps that
run perfectly on Ubuntu 5.10 - but mainly because they are really very 
crude drag-n-drop
and gap-fill affairs. I would be very sad indeed to see RunRev for Linux 
going 'down the pipe';
but Runrev have to closely consider whether they can justify the costs 
and R&D time to
get an up-to-par version running on Linux.

My 'niggling' about copy-paste problems are just niggles; but after a while
a pile of niggles make for a big problem.

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