RunRev Script Editor and Linux

Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Mon Jul 12 17:04:36 EDT 2010

> Richmond,
> on my Linux machine (Ubuntu 10.04, Gnome) copy from the revolution
> editor (ctrl-c and context menu copy) works for me. But then to paste
> e.g. to gedit only works with the keyboard (crtl-v) but not with context
> menu or edit menu.
> Best Regards
> Wolfgang

I can confirm the same on my Ubuntu system. Also, I can paste any selected
text from Terminal, gEdit, or firefox by simply middle-clicking. You don't
even have to copy it first.  Just select and middle-click elsewhere.  That
is an old *nix trick that still works in Ubuntu.

~Roger Eller

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