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> Fellow Rev developers,
> If you're like me, you have lots of stacks you've built over the  
> years. Maybe you've wondered how they'd translate into standard web  
> elements that could run on an iPad or desktop Chrome browser. We now  
> have a tool for Revolution developers that will do this.
> Rodeo Transfer lets you translate and transfer Rev UI elements to  
> the web so that they're viewable on any webkit-compliant browser  
> like Safari or Chrome. Transfer is fast and slick.
> All those who are part of the Rodeo pre-release program will get  
> Rodeo Transfer as part of their license. Any one else can download  
> it from our site and watch it translate Rev objects. You do need a  
> Rodeo account to see the translated objects on the web, however.
> What can it transfer?
> With today's release of Rodeo v1.3, Transfer can translate stacks,  
> cards, buttons, fields, option menus, check boxes, radio buttons,  
> images, and best of all, data grids--into good looking standard web  
> elements. Graphic objects are next.


Thanks Jerry and Sarah. This  looks very interesting.

It would be helpful to me if you would contrast and compare Rodeo's  
web apps with Revolutions  current revlets. What are its limitations  
and advantages vis-a-vis Rev?

My questions are VERY basic. Does Rodeo require a plug-in? Does it  
translate Rev Talk into HTML or some variant thereof? (If this is a  
viable option, why didn't RunRev go that route?) When you speak of  
tables, are these Data Grids and/or the plain vanilla table fields--or  

I'm sure that whatever you and Sarah are cooking up for us will be  

Best regards,

Jim Hurley

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