Pink Elephants & MC Tutorial

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Jul 11 13:17:48 EDT 2010

On Sun Jul 11, 2010, David C. davidocoker at wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I'm wondering if there might be a copy of the old MetaCard demo stack
> available for download anywhere?
> I was playing around this morning, ended up at the old MetaCard site
> and started thinking about pink elephants for some silly reason... ;-)
> Best regards,
> David C.

You can get it from here:


The stack runs both under the Metacard and Rev IDE. Its author was a 
creative chap named Kevin Miller, at that time a young cooperator with 
Scott Raney, the inventor of Metacard.

Maybe we should persuade Kevin to develop a new version for Revolution 
introducing us to most of the features of Revolution in an entertaining way.


Wilhelm Sanke

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