Language learning stacks (an addition)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Jul 11 09:25:45 EDT 2010

A couple of years ago someone from this list had presented a 
language-learning stack with various exercise formats. Unfortunately I 
forget the author and the name of the stack. It must be hidden somewhere 
on my harddisks, presumably on my old G3 Mac. I think the stack had been 
available under "Third party contributions" from one of the RunRev sites 
(the FTP one?).

Kevin (our CEO) had been enthusiastic about the stack and called it to 
be something like "the coming flagship of Runtime Revolution". This also 
points to the fact that at least at that time the Rev team had a genuine 
interest in educational software.

As a new product, the structure and features of the stack needed of 
course to be discussed, e.g. in the multiple-choice section you would 
find only fixed-position distractors - a fault you usually would learn 
to avoid in the first session of a workshop on educational programming.

Otherwise the stack - as far as I remember - in my opinion had a real 
potential to be enhanced further.

Maybe Kevin could dig out the stack from the RunRev archives and offer 
it to a group or an individual from this list as a basis for further 


Wilhelm Sanke

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