Scripting what should be a simple loop...

René Micout rene.micout at
Sat Jul 10 04:51:23 EDT 2010

Hello Bob, Sarah, Mark, Alex, Scott, Kay,
Very good lesson !!!
Yes ! Better than documentation !
It is a good example for witch I appreciate "How to use Revolution"
I imagine that many silent readers appreciate like me and I thank you on their behalf...

PS : pity not have English lessons like that  :-(

Le 10 juil. 2010 à 06:33, Mark Wieder a écrit :

> Well, it's not regular variables that are the issue here. An array is
> *MUCH* faster than a "do" statement. Do statements are very slow, and
> I only use them sparingly and when there's no alternative. But when
> you gotta, you gotta.

 After a post last weeks I replace all "do" statements with other solutions in scripts of "Exagofon", one my actual project, 2 working days :-( ... but all is better  :-)

Bon souvenir de Paris

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