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At start the Data Grid object is not the easiest thing to understand. You
have to do effort to use it, but it's worth the trouble.
The object is powerful, flexible and well design.

I'm trying to help a little with DataGrid manipulation by designing the Data
Grid helper tool.
For example, this picture is a part of the DGH. It's a Data Grid I'm using
for displaying all available properties of a Data Grid. ...

In the Data Grid template I have buttons to do action, popup menus, a button
for data tree, etc

2010/7/9 Richmond <richmondmathewson at>

> On 07/09/2010 10:49 PM, zryip theSlug wrote:
>> Hi Roger,
>> In fact the Data Grid is not a native object in Revolution.
>> It's a complex group of objects with properties, events and templates to
>> customize it.
> This is true! You will find, if you bother to take the time to fiddle about
> a bit, that a datagrid is a group containing subgroups and so on all the
> way down to constituent text fields.
> One of the ways to understand a datagrid is just that; a complex 'organism'
> composed of primitives, which can be addressed as a whole, as a collection
> of individual components, or various 'levels' in between.
> This is not really conceptually anymore complicated than the way I have
> designed my
> Devawriter Pro Sanskrit software; the first thing I did was set out a whole
> lot of
> plastic cups on the sitting-room floor; some inside bowls, some in bowls on
> coffee trays,
> some individually, and start moving all sorts of coloured beads around
> between them.
> The physical extension of the object-container metaphor instantiated in
> RunRev in
> the form of cups and beads really can help one get one's head round the
> seemingly
> complex stuff.
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