A problem with this prefers script...

Klaus on-rev klaus at major.on-rev.com
Wed Jul 7 13:41:46 EDT 2010

Hi Charles,

> I am trying to set up a preference file. I have two stacks - a splash stack
> and an app stack. The Prefs stack is a substack of the app stack and is not
> a separate stack I trying to use the url and binfile with specialfolder to
> set up my preference file in the appropriate place for windows
> (specialFolderPath(26) ) and mac (specialFolderPath("preferences")).

These functions will only return a path to a FOLDER, 
as the name "specialFOLDERpath" suggests!
You have to provide a filename, too!

specialFolderPath(26) & "/" & "your_prefs_file.prf"

> I am getting an error message for  
> ...

See above "binfile:..." requires a filename but you only supply a FOLDER.



Klaus Major
klaus at major.on-rev.com

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