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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jul 6 15:02:38 EDT 2010

David C. wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> I'm using the code exactly as was shown in my original post, with the
>> exception of the actual filename and extension which I made more
>> generic for the sake of example. Here is the code again as well:
>> on SaveTheFile
>>  ask file "Save project as:" with filter "MYFL file,*.myfl"
>>  if it <> "" then
>>     put it into tfile
>>     put fld "save list" into tFiletoSave
>>     put tFileToSave into url ("file:" &  tfile & ".myfl")
>>  else
>>     exit to top
>>  end if
>>  end SaveTheFile
>> I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium with admin privileges and the UAC turned on.
>> Best regards,
>> David C.
> Richard,
> After reading your message again I realized that just typing in the
> filename of an existing file *does not* create the prompt as you
> described *and* does overwrite the file without duplicating the
> extension. However, if I select the file using the mouse, I then get
> the prompt with the file duplication and doubled up extension.
> Sorry for not paying closer attention to your message.

Thanks for following up on that.  It seems like maybe you've found a bug 
in either Rev or Windows, possibly caused by using the default Win 
settings of hiding file name extensions.

If you have file name extensions hidden and select an item in the 
putfile dialog, it may reflect that setting by keeping it hidden from 
view but it's still there, giving rise to the prompt about the duplicate 
file name.

If everything was working as expected, the string you get back would 
include a file name extension even if it's hidden from the user's view, 
so your program would be able to know exactly which file to write to.

If the Windows API is returning the string to Rev without the extension 
even though it's present, that would be a bug in Windows.  But if 
there's an API for returning the actual name and Rev is either using it 
incorrectly or using a less diligent API, that would be a bug in Rev.

Either way, it may be worth a moment to file a bug report on it:


Thanks for turning that up.  Good find.

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