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Tue Jul 6 14:27:36 EDT 2010

J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> I wouldn't mind so much if the move were to adopt the Linux file system
>> (rumors that it would be the Sun file system died about a year before
>> that platform did), removing one more arbitrary distinction between Mac
>> and other platforms.  But I guess we'll see what the removal of creator
>> codes is for somewhere down the road....
> I think the rationale is explained pretty well at the link I mentioned:
> <>
> Apparently they were running out of creator code combinations, and it
> was too limited to support some of the more advanced file management
> Apple wants to implement:
> "However, Apple didn't schedule a deprecation of Creator Codes just for
> fun, or just to be lazy, or just to fit in with lowest common
> denominator operating systems. Type and Creator Codes simply weren't
> good enough to support new OS features Apple had on the drawing board.
> Rather than trying to get by with doing less, Apple was set on doing
> more, and Creator Codes weren't up to the task."

Thanks for the link, Jacque.

I figured there was a good reason for it, and like I said we'll have to 
wait and see what they mean by "new OS features Apple had on the drawing 

Ars Technica provides a lot of good background on this too:

The irony with the current state of things is that it's ostensibly to 
provide more capabilities, but at the moment provides fewer.

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