Build settings for Mac OSX

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Tue Jul 6 12:47:44 EDT 2010

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> I wouldn't mind so much if the move were to adopt the Linux file system 
> (rumors that it would be the Sun file system died about a year before 
> that platform did), removing one more arbitrary distinction between Mac 
> and other platforms.  But I guess we'll see what the removal of creator 
> codes is for somewhere down the road....

I think the rationale is explained pretty well at the link I mentioned:

Apparently they were running out of creator code combinations, and it 
was too limited to support some of the more advanced file management 
Apple wants to implement:

"However, Apple didn't schedule a deprecation of Creator Codes just for 
fun, or just to be lazy, or just to fit in with lowest common 
denominator operating systems. Type and Creator Codes simply weren't 
good enough to support new OS features Apple had on the drawing board. 
Rather than trying to get by with doing less, Apple was set on doing 
more, and Creator Codes weren't up to the task."

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