Writing Externals in Pascal?

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Thanks for the info.  I hope the problems can be resolved.


On Jul 5, 2010, at 6:05 AM, RunRevPlanet wrote:

> Alistair,
> Thank you for the offer. Nice to hear from another Delphi familiar.  
> If I start the project I will certainly let you know, if I need  
> assistance.
> -=>JB<=-,
> Free Pascal is a cross platform Pascal compiler that does standard  
> Object Pascal plus more. It is also largely compatible with the  
> Turbo Pascal 7 and Delphi 7 extensions to the Pascal language that  
> have been part of the Borland (Embarcadero these days) line of  
> compilers.
> While Lararus is a IDE that is built on top of Free Pascal,  
> initially to "clone" the Delphi IDE, but which is now going in it's  
> own direction.
> Most significantly, both these tools are cross-platform and can  
> produce binaries for Mac and Windows (as well as many other  
> platforms).
> Andre,
> I did a search here before launching this idea and found your  
> previous messages about it. The linker issues may still exist, but  
> Free Pascal has come quite a way since then, and I am hoping that  
> the issues from before may now be resolvable.
>                           ooOOOoo
> Before coming to Revolution, Pascal/Delphi was my language of  
> choice (which it still is for some types of projects) and so if I  
> could write Externals with it for Revolution that would be a nice  
> productivity boost.
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