Writing Externals in Pascal?

RunRevPlanet runrevplanet at smpcs.server101.com
Mon Jul 5 09:05:41 EDT 2010


Thank you for the offer. Nice to hear from another Delphi familiar. If I 
start the project I will certainly let you know, if I need assistance.


Free Pascal is a cross platform Pascal compiler that does standard 
Object Pascal plus more. It is also largely compatible with the Turbo 
Pascal 7 and Delphi 7 extensions to the Pascal language that have been 
part of the Borland (Embarcadero these days) line of compilers.

While Lararus is a IDE that is built on top of Free Pascal, initially to 
"clone" the Delphi IDE, but which is now going in it's own direction.

Most significantly, both these tools are cross-platform and can produce 
binaries for Mac and Windows (as well as many other platforms).


I did a search here before launching this idea and found your previous 
messages about it. The linker issues may still exist, but Free Pascal 
has come quite a way since then, and I am hoping that the issues from 
before may now be resolvable.


Before coming to Revolution, Pascal/Delphi was my language of choice 
(which it still is for some types of projects) and so if I could write 
Externals with it for Revolution that would be a nice productivity boost.
Scott McDonald

"Components, Stacks, Tools and Resources for Runtime Revolution"

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