Writing Externals in Pascal?

RunRevPlanet runrevplanet at smpcs.server101.com
Mon Jul 5 03:49:46 CDT 2010

Hi All,

Trying to gauge the potential interest in a Revolution Externals SDK 
that could allow you to develop externals in Lazarus/Free Pascal. 
Instead of requiring some form of C/C++ wrapper, which is the only 
language that is currently supported by the official Externals SDK.

To be able to write externals purely in a Pascal/Delphi dialect would be 
useful to me, but I do not know for certain if it can be done with Free 
Pascal -- there may be linking or name mangling issues which prevent it 
from working.

* So before trying, I am just wondering what level of interest there 
would be in such a resource?

If it's just me who still uses Pascal, then I probably won't even bother 
thinking further about it. But if there is interest, who knows...

Note, I have little free time for such a project, so even if there is 
significant interest, I make no promises about whether it will happen, 
or when.
Scott McDonald

"Components, Stacks, Tools and Resources for Runtime Revolution"

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