Devawriter Pro

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Jul 2 13:26:00 EDT 2010

For all of you who were having problems with complex
Devanagari consonantal clusters when writing to your
favourite sadhu (you know, the one who sits, smeared in
ash, on the banks of the Hoogly) this is the thing for

And; Now! Yippee-Doo: an improved error-catching system for
when you don't realise it's not 'on' to jam 3 Ks in a row, and a
merry little 'window' to help you, from the Latinised input option,
get 'up' on your Devanagari syllabics.

'Tis Devawriter Pro Demo 2 folks . . .  :)

An export-crippled Demo version of my first release candidate
is available here:

go, get it, and get typing; Sadhuji may even point out that as
he doesn't have a reliable supply of electricity on the river
bank it is high time you donated a laptop to him!

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

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