How do you fix this?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Jul 1 12:23:09 EDT 2010

charles61 wrote:
> I had problems with the cutting off of the bottom because of not setting the
> Set as Stack Menu bar in the Menu Builder. I have set the Destroystack of my
> splash, app and substacks to false. Now when I created my Mac app, I get the
> top of my second card showing the upper 1/4 inch of blue from the my main
> card! 

It sounds like you didn't place the menu on that card, so you are seeing 
a blank place. You need to place the menu group on every card in the stack.

Mac users should always develop with the menu showing at the top of the 
stack window. That is, turn off both "preview as menubar" and "set as 
stack menu" until you are ready to build a standalone. Being able to see 
the stack as Windows users will see it allows you to place objects on 
the card in the right positions, and tells you immediately if you've 
forgotten to put a menu on the card.

When you are ready to build, turn those options back on and make sure 
destroystack is set to false.

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