Alex Shaw alex at
Thu Jul 1 10:01:33 EDT 2010


Here's a link to a good discussion on this i read recently..

There is lots of good of debate on whether flash is dead/restrictive/etc 
and html5 is the future..

Personally flash is just another media format and a very rich one in 
flexibility and you aren't necessarily restricted to adobe tools for 

There are lots of good open source projects out there and rev has 
positioned itself in a unique way by making sometimes obstruce language 
documentation freely available and with a bit of knowhow extract the 
cgi/engine component (3.5 & below) to use at no cost.

It would be nice if rev supported flash as a native object because 
interacting with it via quicktime or revbrowser is a bit of labour at 
the moment but certainly not a priority when rev is flexible in its own way.


On 1/07/10 4:25 AM, Simon Lord wrote:
> Not immediately related to RunRev but an enterprising person(s) wrote
> a Javascript service which can read a Flash SWF and decompile&  run it
> in near-realtime.

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