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Fri Jan 29 05:32:04 EST 2010

Sarah says:  "Apart from one post by Richard, every post that I can remember
about Rev on Linux has been negative. This is not good for RunRev and not
fair to their customers."

I don't mean to be negative.  I like Rev very much, the people have always
been very fair and helpful, the list is great.  It has its disadvantages for
the platform I've chosen to work on, but so does anything, and for what I
use it for, its fine, they can be worked around.  Its easy to use, and it
delivers.  For me.  

But you cannot expect professional developers to tolerate on their main
platform what people like us tolerate very cheerfully.  The real business
strategy issue for Rev in the Linux space is:  what about Python?  How are
we positioned against that?  Its not an issue for Windows or Mac.  If I were
a professional developer on either platform, I'd have no hesitation in
choosing Rev over Python.  People on this list have sometimes made off-hand
negative remarks about WXPython and similar packages - and for Windows or
Mac, given the Rev alternatives, they are quite right.  When you come to
Linux, if you are a professional developer on that platform, well, its not
so clear.

Is there a market for Linux paid apps?  Probably not for the standard
desktop type apps, but for very specific ones in industry, may well be.  Is
there a market for commercial Linux development environments with the host
of free ones available?  Dunno.  I think there may be.  You'd have to talk
to people who make a living doing development on Linux, for whom Linux is
the main platform, not a nice afterthought.  Rev has unique advantages.  It
may be possible for it to become a real contender, with only a bit more
polish and feature parity.

I may sound harsh sometimes when talking about the feature gap, but am very
pleased with Rev in very many ways.  And actually grateful to the Rev team
for doing as much as they have.   Its just that, in terms of business
strategy and positioning, I am probably not the one Rev needs to please. 
Richmond neither.  Its the Linux equivalent of Jacque or Daniels & Mara, or
Trevor DeVore.  That's the issue.

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