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I never used Rev under the Linux platform to code desktop GUI apps and  
can't say more on this subject.

On the other hand, i had to deliver abour 20 production web / ria  
application's servers over the last 15 years and, appart one deployed  
under OS X 10.3.9 and two under Solaris 9 and 10, all went deployed on  
top of MC or Rev under Suse, Debian, Red Hat or Linux PPC distros.  
What i learned there is that a POSIX compliant MC / Rev engine is the  
onest that can be linked (via an external socket listener-translator -  
writable in any langage supported as an Apache module) to Apache, SQL  
db, Streaming servers, etc... as an xinetd protected process.

No ways to get the same config up under the Windows nor OS X server  
platforms without big improvments of the rev engine for thoses  
platforms and if RunRev want to gohead with the irev tech, it will be  
very difficult without choosing a POSIX platform as the most usable  
one of the revServer deployment.

No sure that the multiplatform support of the revServer is the best  
way to get a rock-solid version of it. I would be more confident if a  
realistic choice could be done in about this part of the RunRev  
projects (POSIX compliant server engine first, Linux or BSD prefered  
there lots before Solaris, always less reactive on low cost hardware  
configs and yet owned by Oracle....).

So, in short : iRev will probably never become a real PHP, Perl,  
Python or Ruby challenger if it's not mainly developped and targeted  
to the Linux platform, with secondary ports to the OSX and Windows  
platform, if possible.

But perhaps is that all not so important for most of the Rev customers  
and only RunRev knows about the strategic gates they will choose to go  


Le 29 janv. 10 à 00:55, Sarah Reichelt a écrit :

> features of the other platforms. Apart from one post by Richard, every
> post that I can remember about Rev on Linux has been negative. This is
> not good for RunRev and not fair to their customers.

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