Geometry manager

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Jan 20 14:54:57 EST 2010

On 20/01/2010 21:47, stephen barncard wrote:
> Isn't that kind of lame that it's offered in the IDE, but the unspoken rumor
> is that it doesn't work, and we're not supposed to use it, yet no-one has
> ever given an exact reason why? What if it has been fixed, yet the
> impression persists?
Well, if one wants to be b**chy one could point out that there are a 
fair few things
like this in the IDE;


If one wants to be kind one could point out that the large number of 
good things
make the 'problematic' things look relatively insignificant;


If one wants to be realistic one could point out that the Geometry 
manager is
almost unused (possibly because it is unusable???) so, frankly, hardly 
the attention of the developers - and, may, like one's appendix, be removed
without doing any real damage.


Much easier is to make one's stack to some fairly standard resolution (I 
favour 1024 x 768) and then have a catch-all script to stop the thing if 
the end-user's
VDU is set to a lower resolution.

Quite apart from anything else; the geometry manager is just too much like
hard work.

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