Getting the height and width of a videoclip

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jan 17 17:43:56 EST 2010

William Ziegler wrote:
> I have a stack that allows teachers and parents to attach videos for 
> students to write sentences about. These videos are created with various 
> devices and thus have different heights and widths.  I currently store 
> these videos in a default folder, and use a 'Player', which I probe for 
> the Height and Width to resize large clips to a set maximum size.
> Teachers have asked if I could package all the videos into each stack to 
> make it easier to send home and/or share lessons with other teachers.
> I am having a hard time manipulating videoclips with the PLAY command as 
> compared to using a 'Player' with external video files.

I'd forget the videoclip idea and stick with players. A common way to 
package everything in the same stack is to set a custom property of the 
stack to the binary data of the movie on disk. That way it travels with 
the stack. When you want to actually play the movie, you write the 
custom property to a temporary file on disk, and then load it into a 
player object just like you did originally. When you're done with the 
movie, delete the temporary file.

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