[ANN] Scratch Pad, Minimize, Multiple Instances for tRev

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Wed Jan 13 10:34:17 EST 2010


Glad to hear you're enjoying tRev so much. I, too, love to drag my  
handlers around...moving them to new folders, positioning them in a  
way that makes sense to me, and even moving them to new objects via  
tabs. I think the Scratch Pad will be another breakthrough like that.

Here's how to download the latest version:

If you go to http://reveditor.com and look at the right side of the  
page you will see a box with a dinosaur bursting out of it. Below it  
are short descriptive paragraphs with links in them. One of them says:

Download tRev: OS X or Vista!
Need reg code for first launch.

Both OS X and Vista are links. Click them to download.

I have considered making a big download button, but I don't want to  
give the impression that there is a trial version of the product, etc.  
And the truth is, we rarely update the tRev app itself, but, as you  
know, we do weekly component updates. tRev has lots of little  
components that can be updated in situ without restarting tRev, etc.

So I may make a large pair buttons or something. Have fun with the new  


Jerry Daniels

The latest Rev Editor Video:

On Jan 13, 2010, at 6:55 AM, Andre.Bisseret wrote:

> Le 12 janv. 10 à 21:44, Jerry Daniels a écrit :
>> The Scratch Pad is simply a list of links to your favorite handlers.
>> - It persists from session-to-session.
>> - It is there whether in code editor or object browser mode.
>> - It can be edited in-situ or through its own editor.
>> There's a nice slide show and a video of the Scratch Pad in action:
>>   http://reveditor.com/scratch-pad-links-to-your-fav-handlers
> Bonjour Jerry,
> When I click on "updates available" on the bottom left of my tRev  
> then on "quit and get it now", reveditor.com is opened but there, I  
> can't find how (where) to download the new version of tRev!
> "3 Download links located at the lower right of the main page on  
> this site. " seems I am a bit stupid, but I don't find these links!
> Besides, I am remaking an old app I am using a lot, improving it  
> etc. Hence, I am merrily dragging handlers, either with or without  
> the option key ;-)
> Really amazing this handler's drag feature! I am saving a lot of  
> time and… it is very playful! Seems that tRev is more and more like  
> a nice game ;-))) Each weekly new feature seems the best to me ;-O))))
> I am looking forward to getting the scratch pad!
> Best regards from Grenoble
> André
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