[ANN] Scratch Pad, Minimize, Multiple Instances for tRev

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at inria.fr
Wed Jan 13 07:55:13 EST 2010

Le 12 janv. 10 à 21:44, Jerry Daniels a écrit :

> The Scratch Pad is simply a list of links to your favorite handlers.
> - It persists from session-to-session.
> - It is there whether in code editor or object browser mode.
> - It can be edited in-situ or through its own editor.
> There's a nice slide show and a video of the Scratch Pad in action:
>    http://reveditor.com/scratch-pad-links-to-your-fav-handlers

Bonjour Jerry,

When I click on "updates available" on the bottom left of my tRev then  
on "quit and get it now", reveditor.com is opened but there, I can't  
find how (where) to download the new version of tRev!
"3 Download links located at the lower right of the main page on this  
site. " seems I am a bit stupid, but I don't find these links!

Besides, I am remaking an old app I am using a lot, improving it etc.  
Hence, I am merrily dragging handlers, either with or without the  
option key ;-)
Really amazing this handler's drag feature! I am saving a lot of time  
and… it is very playful! Seems that tRev is more and more like a nice  
game ;-))) Each weekly new feature seems the best to me ;-O))))

I am looking forward to getting the scratch pad!

Best regards from Grenoble


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