Simplistic use of data grids

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Sun Jan 10 09:22:02 CST 2010

Le 10 janv. 10 à 11:05, Beynon, Rob a écrit :

> I think I understand a bit about datagrids, but what I'd really like  
> is the ability to use it as a device to allow entry of data in  
> column,row format, for further processing, purely during that  
> instance of the data.
> 1. User enters data, completing all cells in each row - this will be  
> checked for in program
> 2. User processes data via a simple button, such that...
> 3. Program performs analysis of tabulated data in datagrid
> 4. Data is volatile, and is lost when program quits
> The reason why I like the datagrid is because it does things like  
> headers and automatic sorts very easily.
> However, if I create an empty datagrid, it seems as though it is not  
> possible to manually enter data. I suspect I am doing something  
> wrong with the properties (I select editable though).
Bonjour Rob,
I think that an empty datagrid is not editable. There is nothing to  
edit ;-)))

But, If for example your populate it with "x" then it's possible to  
edit it.
1- create a data grid
2 - put manually in the content pane "x" & tab & "x" & tab & "x"
3 - then you are able to edit the cells.

Not necessary to write some x's! only tabs are enough to create  
editable cells.

Hope this help

Best regards from Grenoble


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