valentina, externals of libdatabase

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Sat Jan 9 06:46:39 EST 2010

Thanks Trevor.  I expect to be on my own with LibDatabase now.  I can
understand your focus is on Sql Yoga right now.

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 9:25 PM, Trevor DeVore <lists at> wrote:
> 3rd party externals are traditionally added to the User Extensions folder.
> This folder is usually located in your documents folder. This lesson shows
> how to install an external and shows you how to find the User Extensions
> folder. I would check there for the Valentina files.
> <>

> libDatabase relies on the Valentina external being loaded and that the
> handlers are available in the message path. When working in the IDE the
> Valentina external should be available in the message path assuming it was
> loaded at startup (see aforementioned lesson for ways to test).

I will have a look at the externals lesson.

> Now I have no idea if libDatabase will work with Valentina 4. I haven't
> looked at the libDatabase code in a looooooong time and Valentina 4 was not
> around when I did work on it. So you are kind of on your own when it comes
> to troubleshooting actual functionality...

FYI LibDatabase does kind of work with Valentina 4.  But when an array
is returned with a result set, there are no column names.

There is another weird problem with quotation marks.  I'm using Rev on
Vista at the moment.  I see from the zip file containing LibDatabase
that it was prepared on OS X.  LibDatabase relies on multi-item array
names, where some of the items are quoted.  That causes a problem
within LibDatabase when it looks for values by key within arrays.

The quotation marks do not register any problem in the Script Editor.
But they are not the same charToNum on windows i.e. on Windows quote
is something like 34, whereas the quotation marks in the arrray names
are something like char 143 (I don't have Rev installed on this
machine).  So, I think there is a macToISo issue in Rev itself.  I
understand it is supposed to be applied automatically to stacks when
Rev opens.  I seem to have come across an issue like this a couple of
years ago.

I may try to get round this quotation character issue and see if that
fixes the lack of column names (maybe there is some magic going on in
LibDatabase when it looks for Valentina column names).


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