Oracle buyout of Sun and it's affects on mySQL

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Mon Jan 4 15:53:07 EST 2010

oic. I am wondering then how this is going to impact On-Rev, which offers mySQL support? I intended to write a multiuser application and host it on my On-Rev site, but I am wondering now if Runrev is going to be forced to charge users an extra fee to continue to host MySQL if Oracle ever decides to up the ante, so to speak, or even discontinue mySQL to force people to adopt Oracle. 

Having a certain department here who purchased Solaris and Oracle long ago for their server(s) and databases, I can testify that these are VERY PRICEY options, and are overkill for almost all but the high end database needs. 

"Monty" seems to have a good point, in that he thinks Oracle is not going to compete against itself by continuing the licensing scheme of mySQL, if it is considerably less than using Oracle. Microsoft is famous for doing this sort of thing, that is buying out a competitor (or potential competitor), cannibalizing what code they need for their own product, then killing the thing they bought. I cite Foxpro (formerly Fox Software), and that anti-spyware that eventually became Microsoft Anti-spyware. If this is Oracle's intention for mySQL, I would at least like to know now. 

I just don't want to paint myself into a corner by developing for mySQL on On-Rev, and then having support discontinued because Oracle kills it. With all due respect, Valentina, although a great product, especially for large databases, seems a little pricey to me for small projects like the one I have in mind, and since mySQL is free for development, I can use it while I decide if what I am trying to do is something I can bring to fruition without actually spending any money up front. 

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On Jan 4, 2010, at 12:11 PM, Lynn Fredricks wrote:

>> Has anyone heard about this proposed acquisition of Sun by 
>> Oracle? I got an email from monty at wanting me to 
>> "sign" some petition to help keep mySQL open source. I'm not 
>> sure if this guy is crying Wolf, or if this is a real issue. 
>> Also, since On-rev uses mySQL, I want to ensure we are not 
>> going to get pinged for future licensing, if I develop 
>> solutions and host them on on-rev. 
> I think he's worried about his baby. <snip>

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