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Sat Feb 27 14:21:06 EST 2010

2010/2/27 Andre.Bisseret <Andre.Bisseret at>:
> Bonjour Zryip,
> Starting from your very nice script, I am modifying it so that I obtain one
> month per line.
> I managed to get the days of weeks repeated five times separated by tab in
> the first line of the field (with tab stops in it)
>  I suppressed carriage returns and I added "tab" between weeks.
> Not too difficult up to now :-)
> Not completed yet (currently I am getting one month nearly as I expected.
> While doing trials, I just noticed that, when pFirstDayWeek is "Monday", if
> the first day of a month is actually "sunday" then there is a flaw: the "1"
> is set up under "monday" instead of "sunday" while "2" is at its right place
> (second line).
> I got that for example when trying "1/0810" (August 2010)
> This does not happen with pFirstDayWeek = "Sunday" (I tried for months
> beginning a saturday).
> I must confess that I did not study your script deeply
> (I just made few local modifications to quicky obtain a month with an
> aligned format instead of a table.
> So you likely will see faster than me how to fix that issue ;-))

Bonjour André!

Thanks for your feedback ;)

To fix this bug, replace the pad part by this new portion:

    -- Pad beginning with empty days:
   put createDate(tYear,tMonthNumber,1) into tStartDay
   convert tStartDay to dateitems
   get last item of tStartDay
   if (pFirstDayWeek is "Monday") then
      if (it = 1) then
         put 6 into tPad -- fix the case that the day is Sunday (value
1) - 2 = - 1
         put (it - 2) into tPad
      end if
      put (it - 1) into tPad
   end if

   repeat for tPad
         put "   " after tCal
   end repeat

> Anyway, thanks a lot for your improvement of the Richard'script; I
> particularly appreciate the possibililty to choose between Sunday and Monday
> as the first day of week. Thanks to your script I am sure I will get the
> format I am expecting.

You're welcome 8-)

Now a little trick with my code. It could give you free times if you
have missed it ;)

How to create an easy loop to add months:

put createDate(2010,1,1) into tStartDate -- Create the January, 1 2010
in your local language system
repeat with tMonthNumber = 0 to 11 -- Create months for January (1) to
December (12)
      put cal(addToDate(tStartDate,0,tMonthNumber,0),"Monday") & cr
after fld "MyField"
end repeat

-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

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