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Pierre Sahores psahores at
Sat Feb 27 11:30:00 CST 2010

Hello François,

> Now, on the other side, Rev has a very nice language, but non  
> existent support for, let us say, C style arrays of fixed size  
> double precision floats. What I mean is that variable typing somehow  
> is not really supported in transcript. In many cases this is a  
> blessing, but when you go for pure computing performances, it's too  
> bad.

Even at a low level stage (untyped vars are a traditional xtalk  
facility but typed vars are probably available behind the scene as  
undocumented features), is'nt Kevin, Mark W. ?.
> I will take an example. Go to
> and you will see that MacOS X included vector optimized of BLAS and  
> LAPACK (public domain numerical package for linear computations, for  
> those who are not in this field). Now, because of their history,  
> parameters must be passed using the FORTRAN conventions. I think  
> this can be done in the rev externals. However, I do no know if it  
> is possible to pass, say, a double float array from runrev.

Does someone got a tested way to do this from Rev ? Andre, Mark S. ?
> If this could be done, this could be very beneficial to the  
> scientific (in the broad sense) community because the core of  
> matlab's routines could be ported to revolution, with the benefit of  
> having the wonderful rev environment.
> If, in addition to this, externals based on the accelerate framework  
> could be used in the now free revmedia, this would be a tremendous  
> opportunity for the scientific community (especially in college) to  
> drop the pricey matlab in favor of revmedia.
> Unfortunately, I am not geeky enough to do this by myself...

Nor i'm ... ... ;)

Best Regards,
Pierre Sahores
mobile : (33) 6 03 95 77 70

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