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Hi Jacque and All,

As you, for sure, know too, there are lots of world-class companies  
that are using Rev but, for yet, they don't want to communicate about  
this ! Why ?

Revolution is the environment of development which allows scientists  
and researchers of very high level to elaborate their own workflow  
without having to pass by caudines forks of their IT departments.  
Every time, that a physicist, a bilogiste, a chemist, a doctor or a  
psychologist cannot be any more listened as high as his  
waits(expectations) by a hard line computer specialist, he puts his co- 
workers in the work and, sometimes an outside consultant, so that a  
solution is found, thanks to Revolution.

Hundred years ago, no safety(salute) outside the horse-drawn carriage  
and tomorrow our cars will be electric and tomorrow even, as you say  
it so well, the programming will have become an art and the right way  
to go with general dev tasks. We, of Edimburg up to all the community  
of Rev developers, us all share the adventure of the precursors and  
the discoverers and it is so much the better. 2020 is not so far:-D

As an example, EADS Astrium Transportation (Ariane rockets) is using  
Rev. Telling more is not allowed (NDA)...

Friendly yours,


Le 27 févr. 10 à 09:12, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> Kay C Lan wrote:
>> lets hope the
>> rest of 2010 brings about an improvement over earlier events.
> I have fired up my time warp stack, scooted ahead a small amount --  
> which was no mean trick because the controls are pretty coarse still  
> -- and caught a fleeting glimpse as I zoomed by the end of 2020. Rev  
> is changing the world. Tots are creating games with it instead of  
> finger painting on posterboard, and high school kids are doing Rev- 
> based science fair projects. Industry is using it for all sorts of  
> mechanical controls, and General Mills automatically drip-feeds  
> plants in hydroponic tanks using a Rev-based monitoring system.  
> Tractors have it in their dashboards. Toyota adopted it for quality  
> control testing and their stock recovered, though their aircars  
> still need some minor stabilization. Someone will write a Rev- 
> powered Way Back machine and we nearly collided. It sort of looked  
> like me though.
> The future is bright. But I still couldn't see where socks go after  
> you put them in the dryer. I'll keep looking.
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