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Thu Feb 25 19:34:20 EST 2010

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 3:47 AM, Richmond Mathewson
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> I learnt something extremely useful when I was at Carbondale from my MA
> supervisor: NEVER, NEVER,
> under any circumstances let your personal problems interfere with your
> professional obligations,
> AND, NEVER use them as an excuse for failing in any professional
> obligations.

His name wasn't Morely was it?

So let me get this straight, when my son was 3 he was bitten by a
bamboo snake (can be lethal to children) and lay dying in a hospital
emergency room and I was due to catch a flight to Tokyo for business
and you're saying I should have left him there and gone - actually
that's exactly how 'the company' reacted, so I guess i now know there
are more people in the world who think like that:-(

Your son/daughter/wife is involved in a car accident and may die but
you're going to stay and teach a couple of Bulgarian kids English -
the net effect of giving them an early mark and sending them home
being absolutely zilch on what career they take up, who they marry and
how many kids they have.

Richmond, I had mistakenly concluded from another post of yours re
'looking past the facade of race, sex, ......' that you had some
morale fibre. But alas what it appears you were expressing is, once
you've sold your soul to the almighty dollar, everyone is equal in the
eyes of the Devil.


Bob Cratchit
PS Give me a company with heart, soul and human frailty any day.

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