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Thu Feb 25 17:12:38 EST 2010


I'm certainly not using those events as an excuse. I'm simply stating a fact
which is true, for those of you that are interested. You can accept that or
not. I have apologized for the situation with respect to the DVDs, it is

We knew going into this that we had a lot to learn from the previous set of
conference DVDs which is why we set out well in advance to do better this
year. I was absolutely determined from the start we would get it right.
Everything was planned carefully so we could improve and deliver you a
wonderful experience from end to end. We made many changes to the product
and it went well. The feedback I have is that the DVDs are better quality
this year than last year. Unfortunately there was an intersection between
the events that happened and the delivery of these DVDs. I'm not going to go
into great detail but there was a chain of events involved. Bill was sick
for a long time before he died which contributed a series of other issues we
were having as a business for a period some time before the actual event. We
had issues with the supplier (we won't be using them again), which we were
not on top when they occurred because of staff shortages. Ultimately in
spite of that I take full responsibly. Its unfortunate, I feel bad, I'm not
making excuses. I'm just telling you what happened.

You have every right to judge us for non-delivery of this product. However,
and while I don't want to make this response overly personal, frankly you
have no right to stand in judgment over my response to everything that
happened on a personal level. I'm interested to hear that you are able to
separate that out entirely in your life, but we all react differently to
these things and I am certainly not able to do that, nor is Heather, Robin
or some of the other people involved in this. There have been some major
consequences on a number of levels and for the last two months I have simply
run from one crisis to the next.

The vast majority of the DVDs are now safely in the hands of our customers.
If you have not received your DVD you will have received a letter from us
today offering you an estimated delivery time and year's free license
extension. If you have not received the DVDs nor a letter, your DVD shipped
some time ago and as far as we are aware it should be with you. If this
applies to you feel free to contact me directly, off list. Again I apologize
for letting down our customers and we will do better next time.

Kind regards,


Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
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