navigating cleanly between main- and sub-stacks

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Feb 25 13:54:04 EST 2010

Nicolas Cueto wrote:
> Richmond asked a couple of questions:
>> What does "cleanly" in "navigating cleanly" mean?
>> I assume (possibly wrongly) that you mean that the
>> end-user is unaware s/he is actually changing from
>> the main stack to a substack.
> Yes, that "unawareness" factor is what I'm after.
> The way it was setup before, the monitor screen would go blank between
> the time the mainstack closed and the next stack opened.
> By the way, I wrote "substacks" originally. That was a mistake on my part.
> What I am actually working on is "mainstack-to-stack", not
> "mainstack-to-substack".

In that case, you may just want to "go stack <other stack name> in 
window <mainstack name>". The effect is the same as changing cards and 
you don't need any other script manipulations.

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