navigating cleanly between main- and sub-stacks

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Thu Feb 25 08:13:09 EST 2010

Richmond asked a couple of questions:

> What does "cleanly" in "navigating cleanly" mean?
> I assume (possibly wrongly) that you mean that the
> end-user is unaware s/he is actually changing from
> the main stack to a substack.

Yes, that "unawareness" factor is what I'm after.

The way it was setup before, the monitor screen would go blank between
the time the mainstack closed and the next stack opened.

By the way, I wrote "substacks" originally. That was a mistake on my part.

What I am actually working on is "mainstack-to-stack", not

> If that is so important why do you bother to have a substack at
> all (memory overheads? multimedia storage?) when you
> could just navigate to another part of the main stack?

Mostly, to avoid the mainstack bloating in standalone-size as I add
game-stacks in the future. Plus, I feel safer with passwords and urls
enclosed within a standalone rather than in password protected stacks.

If you're still curious about other reasons, my mainstack is where:

(a) are links to the various game-stacks, each of a purpose, format
and layout completely different

(b) the login happens, which only need be done once for any of the
game-stacks (when a game is finished, user returns to the mainstack to
chose another game)

(c) are held common functions that the game-stacks require for
connecting to an on-rev cgi

Incidentally, some other important commands I'm (re-)learning to work
with for this are:

-- start using stack XXXX

--  set the stackFiles of stack tThisStacksName to tStackFiles


Nicolas Cueto

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