Can browser send a command to a servlet?

Joe F. joef1 at
Wed Feb 24 22:58:04 EST 2010

I was just struggling with this recently:
The short answer is, you can't at the moment. Not directly anyway.

The revletParams[] array consists of the plugin parameters loaded when  
the revlet loads. You can see them in the HTML source as elements of  
the object and embed tags.

There's another lesson that shows all this:

Trouble is that the revletParams only load at openStack.

A workaround is to use a revlet to rewrite the web page, including the  
data you want to pass, then reload it.

Another way would be to just write data to a file, which could be  
either local or on the server, then read from that file with your  
revlet. You would have to make sure that the plugin requests  
permission from the user to do either.

This works pretty well though, and you can use the server file to load  
everything you need, edit the file, then have the revlet reload it (or  
read items from it) within the same session.

Joe F.

On Feb 23, 2010, at 2:48 AM, Michael Kann wrote:

> The following lesson shows how to send a command from a revlet to  
> the browser.
> Might anyone know how to go the other way: click a button on the  
> browser and have it do something in the revlet. The goal, of course,  
> is to make the roundtrip.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike

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