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Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Wed Feb 24 11:49:31 EST 2010

The <base> tag specifies a default address or a default target for all  
links on a page.

The <base> tag goes inside the head element.

The <base> tag is supported in all major browsers.
Differences Between HTML and XHTML
In HTML the <base> tag has no end tag

In XHTML the <base> tag must be properly closed.

<base href="" />
<base target="_blank" />

<img src="stickman.gif" />
<a href="">W3Schools</a>

More info at

On Feb 24, 2010, at 8:35 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Bob,
> I never heard of that tag.... wow... thanks, this would solve so many
> problems for me.
> On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 1:26 PM, Bob Sneidar <bobs at> wrote:
>> Dave,
>> Try inserting a line with the base tag before everything else:
>> <base href="url to your relative referenced images" />
>> This will cause the references to be relative to the base you define.
>> Bob

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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