navigating cleanly between main- and sub-stacks

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Wed Feb 24 05:13:23 EST 2010

Bonjour Nicolas,

Is the following doing what your are expecting :

lock screen
hide stack "theMainStack"
go to cd 1 of stack "theMainStack"
--wait 1 milliseconds
open stack "theSubStack"

Best regards from Grenoble


Le 24 févr. 10 à 03:39, Nicolas Cueto a écrit :

> Hello,
> I have a mainstack that becomes hidden, returns to its first card, and
> then opens up a substack. I want the user to not see that return to
> the first card, but rather just the illusion of the substack appearing
> immediately after the mainstack becomes invisible.
> As it's set up now, though, for a brief moment the mainstack's return
> to that first card happens on-screen, after which (or is it at the
> same time?) the substack appears. I guess the problem is how I've
> ordered the "open stack", "hide stack", and "go to card x (of
> mainstack)" handlers.
> If someone understands what I'm after here, how do I create this  
> illusion?
> Thanks.
> --
> Nicolas Cueto
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