revBrowserExecuteScript problems

Terry Judd tsj at
Tue Feb 23 19:12:09 EST 2010

Hi Jeff - I haven't tried doing this but given that your script works from
the message box have you tried using a send (in time) construct when you
receive the browserDocumentComplete message?


On 24/02/10 10:03 AM, "Jeffrey Massung" <massung at> wrote:

> Ugh, I've been at this for *hours* now and I can't seem to see what's
> different that's causing my issue. Hopefully someone here can point me to the
> correct solution...
> I have a revBrowser instance that opens a webpage. Simple.
> The browserDocumentComplete message gets sent and i receive it just fine.
> Once the page is loaded I try and execute two javascript functions from the
> page. All of these script calls fail and throw an exception:
> "573,47,1,revBrowserExecuteScript"
> However, if I open up the message box and type the _exact same line of code_
> (i.e. I copy paste it from the source file into the message box), then it
> works.
> I'm hoping there's something really simple here that I'm missing, because this
> is starting to get a tad frustrating. ;-)
> Thanks!
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