Coming back to revTalk after ObjectiveC

Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at
Tue Feb 23 17:02:26 EST 2010

After spending the last nine months teaching myself enough Objective C to write some applications for the iPhone and iPad I have noticed some problems coming 'back' to revTalk...

I submitted the first of my iPhone apps to the app store and am waiting for approval. So, while waiting I started two projects, one in Objective C and the other in revTalk. Anyway, I am noticing a few problems. First off, all of my method names, variable names and parameter names are really really long. They are like four or five words long and way too descriptive. Then, all of my methods are way too modular. I tried to follow some code I wrote and was lost all over the place. I spent a couple hours cleaning up my code and spent most of that time compressing separate methods into fewer cleaner methods. It seems that in an environment like Rev where a lot of the constraints you can find in Objective C aren't there that the bloated-ness of these types of things is more obvious. I compared my code to some I wrote last year and my code from now just looks 'thicker', 'longer', 'bulkier' and I don't think it looks as good as that which I wrote last year.


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