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Ray Horsley Ray at LinkIt.Com
Tue Feb 23 15:31:33 CST 2010

David, André,

Not a bad thought David, but I don't think I see a CSS in this URL.   
André, thanks for asking.  Here's the URL: Formative Assessment Item Bank/ELA  
NO 3rd Party Items/Grade 4 QTI/ELA G4 P1/passages/1000323.htm

If I use the RevBrowser library handlers to display it in an image I  
can then get the htmlText of the 'instance' using the RevBrowserGet()  
function.  That's where I get strange looking characters.  If I then  
set the htmlText of the same image using RevBrowserSet, passing the  
return I got from RevBrowserGet(), the display turns weird.  I'll  
include, below, a little bit of the weird return I get from the  
RevBrowserGet() function after displaying the above URL.



Ôªø<HTML><BODY><HEAD></HEAD><div style="font-size:14pt; font-family:  
Times; font-weight: bold;text-align:center;"><span style="font-size: 
14pt; font-family: Times; font-weight: bold;text- 
align:center;">Arrowhead Farm</span></div><div style="text- 
align:center;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom: 1em;"><img src="../images/ 
5067210.Jpeg" width="70" height="191" format="Jpeg" /></div><table  
style="font-size:12pt; font-family: Times; font-weight:  
normal;"><tr><td style="font-size:12pt; font-family: Times; font- 
weight: normal;vertical-align: top; width: .25in;">1</td><td><div  
style="text-indent: 0.25in;margin-top:0em;margin-bottom:1em;">“Hey,  
Max, time to wake up,” Mrs. Jensen said. “It’s Saturday, our day  
to visit Grandpa.”</div></td></tr></table><table style="font-size: 
12pt; font-family: Times; font-weight: normal;"><tr><td style="font- 
size:12pt; font-family: Times; font-weight: normal;vertical-align:  
top; width: .25in;">2</td><td><div style="text-indent: 0.25in;margin- 

On Feb 23, 2010, at 6:48 AM, David Coker wrote:

>> The problem is, even if I don't alter it and simply put it back as  
>> I found it I don't get the same display.
> Could it be that the differences in the display have to do with
> formatting based on a CSS file for the original page?
> If so, maybe you could check the original source for the reference to
> the CSS file, parse out that info and grab the CSS file also?
> I'm probably way off base as usual, but it's a thought at least...
> David C.
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