[OT] Drifting off topic (was: Re-2: on standalonesaved)

Vokey, John vokey at uleth.ca
Tue Feb 23 00:26:13 EST 2010

I would absolutely loved to have been invited (can you just imagine all the amazing insights Jacqueline keeps hidden in there simply because she doesn't realize how we would all benefit if she just let it all out?). That said, it does seems a bit creepy, and I suspect my wife would have words.

On 2010-02-22, at 9:11 PM, use-revolution-request at lists.runrev.com wrote:

>> I will have pretty soon. But for now it's mostly a case of Jim joining Sarah
>> in my brain, which you'd think I'd notice, but I was obviously elsewhere. I
>> hope they're happy in there, it's a bit of a mess from where I stand.
> Sorry, I just stepped out for a while. You're on your own in there Jim :-)
> Sarah

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