Yet an Odder selection hangup

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Mon Feb 22 17:45:01 CST 2010

Here is a better one, if anybody is listening. There is more going on than 
first appears.

Create two objects. Place this script in object 1:

on selectedObjectChanged    
    set the selected of the target to false
end selectedObjectChanged

Go into edit mode and drag across object 1. Yes, the handles linger, and by 
the way you can only resize, not relocate, that object. Now and forever. 
Change modes. I don't care.


Get back to edit mode and drag object 2 around. Works fine. If you start a 
drag outisde that object, it doesn't move. (why should it?).

If you now select object 2, and start a drag inside OBJECT 1, it does move. 
You cannot relocate object 1, but you can relocate object 2.

Arcane, but a bug.

Craig Newman

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