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On Feb 21, 2010, at 7:41 PM, Jeffrey Massung wrote:

> Sorry, but I'm not seeing this in the documentation. I'm adding a  
> row to a DG form, and after I add it, I'd like to get the  
> dgDataControl of the row I just added so I can send a couple  
> messages to it. Is this doable?

A couple of things were missing from the docs. I've updated them.

When adding data to a Data Grid using AddData the new index is  
returned in the result (or error string if an error occurs). You can  
pass this index to ScrollIndexIntoView. Lesson on adding data has been  

How Do I Add A Row Of Data To An Existing Data Grid?: < 

ScrollIndexIntoView/ScrollLineIntoView are already documented in API  
but I added a reference to them in the lesson above.

Getting the control for an index wasn't documented but I've updated  
the API docs with the necessary info.

See dgDataControlOfIndex/Line and ColumnControlOfIndex.

Data Grid API: < 

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