Here's a concrete example of the linux font problem

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Mon Feb 22 03:16:34 CST 2010

Here is a concrete example.  I don't understand how Rev can be handling 
fonts in such a way that this happens.

We open Rev, create a new stack, a new button, and then set the fonts.  The 
choices available in the 'i' category are these:

itc avantgarde
itc bookman
itc zapf chancery

Now we open OpenOffice and choose a font in a word document, and are 
offered, in the 'i' category, these choices:

italian garamond

So how exactly is Rev getting its fonts?  And why does it appear to get a 
bunch that OpenOffice is not getting?  And why does it fail to get the 
idautomation?  Just to verify, I tried Kwrite.  This gets the same fonts as 
OpenOffice, with an additional one, impact.

Very strange.


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