Stack working in MACOS, not in Windows.

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Mon Feb 22 03:00:09 EST 2010

SUCCESS. Found it. *Thank you Jacque, Jim, Mark, **Björnke, Peter* for all
your suggestions and I tried them all.

here's the "fix"

put the tempname & ".mp3" into tPath

It wasn't really my code, exactly.... er...  it was more of a Win-Mac
assumption about MP3 files.

My client wanted major obfuscation of the funny business we're doing with
the decryption and playing - and wanted to not only have a temp type file
name, but no suffix. It worked in mac.

But Windows media player really wants to see that suffix.

What I really wanted to do in the first place was to play an mp3 file from a
variable, not even make a file  -- but no way to do that in Rev -

without an external ...? is there?

Stephen Barncard
San Francisco

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