How to enter a time of day

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Feb 21 19:49:32 CST 2010

Recently, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I have a need for users to enter a start and end time of an event and
> I'm  trying to come up with a graphical way for them to do that to
> ensure that the time is in the correct format.
> What appeals to me the most is to use some sort of slider that would
> increment/decrement the time of day in 15 minute intervals.  I was
> hoping the rev slider control would be the answer to it but it only
> seems to deal with whole numbers on its scale, haven't been able to
> figure out how to deal with time-based numbers.
> Any recommendations on how to set about implementing this?

This was a good interface challenge...

Instead of using a standard slider, I think a dual slider would be a good
solution (but this might depend on the actual time constraints of your
"day").  Can't do this kind of thing with a stock slider however (you'd need
two separate sliders).

It also occurred to me that mini-calendars are the current de-facto standard
for entering dates in forms, so how about a clock face for time entry?

I posted an example online that shows both time entry options (don't ask me
to explain the math).  Execute the following in your Rev message box:

 go url ""

Each set of controls relies on the behavior script that is present on the
right side of the stack.

Maybe one of these could work.


Scott Rossi
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