[Q] cocoa/objective-c based rev

Shao Sean shaosean at wehostmacs.com
Sun Feb 21 20:07:10 EST 2010

> In the case of Flash, the code is compiled straight to ARM, it  
> doesn't need to go via Objective-C. Rev could do that too.

That is true, but I cannot see Rev splitting the engine up like that  
and it would make sense for them to use the revMobile platform as a  
starting point for bringing the desktop engine up to date, would be  
nice to hear from RunRev about this (someone emailed me off-list  
saying I should be asking on the improve-list, but I think this is  
something everyone who uses Rev should know, heck I know about REAL  
Software's Cocoa transition and I have never bought their software)..

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