Menubar problem

Peter Haworth pete at
Sun Feb 21 12:19:23 EST 2010

Thanks for the suggestions.  The detsroystack property was already  
false.  I tried the other suggestion but no joy.  It does cause the  
window to start displaying from it's original size again but when I  
next open Rev, the same few pixels have been added to the window height.

I guess I was hoping someone may have come across this but sound like  
not so I should probably go ahead and make a support call.

Pete Haworth

On Feb 21, 2010, at 3:11 AM, use-revolution-request at  

> t sounds like the shrinking stack phenomenon, which is a long-standing
> bug, only yours is in reverse. If it's the same bug, then check to see
> if the destroystack property of your stack is set to true. If so, turn
> that off. In the case of shrinking stacks, that's the culprit. There's
> an ancient bug report about it, and last I asked, it was going to be  
> fixed.
> If that isn't the problem then try setting the menubar of the stack to
> empty (which will pop the menus back to the top of the stack window,)
> size the stack the way you want it, save the stack, then set the  
> menubar
> property again and resave.
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