Entering Time of Day

Peter Haworth pete at mollysrevenge.com
Sun Feb 21 12:11:46 EST 2010

Thanks Jeff. I am interfacing with iCal by creating .ics files that  
can be imported into iCal, but I use a lot of data fields that aren't  
available in iCal so don;t think I could use it as my main data  
storage vehicle.  I am looking at using the Mac address book though  
since it seems to fit my needs pretty nicely, just have to learn  
Applescript to develop some sort of interface I guess.
Pete Haworth

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> Pete,
> If your app runs exclusively on the Mac you may want to just look at  
> integrating iCal into it with AppleScript and handle it that way...
> When your app launches or whenever is appropriate, let the user  
> select a calendar file that's exclusive to your app. The user could  
> open it in iCal to adjust things or open it through your app. You  
> could likely then use AppleScript to get various date/times from it  
> to do your tasks.
> I don't use iCal (much) and have never looked to see what  
> functionality is provided for it through AppleScript. But you may  
> end getting a very win-win out of this: let the user thing  
> "awesome!" because it "just works" with iCal and let's you relax and  
> let iCal do most of the heavy lifting in this department. :-)
> Jeff M.

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